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Fosters Needed!!


Everyday we are contacted by someone needing to re-home their dog or a shelter reaching out for help for a dog they no longer have room for.


In order for Paws UP to help, we need fosters!! Without fosters, we have to say no or they go to boarding. The cost of boarding can be a strain on a rescue. 


If ever there were a time you thought about fostering or donating,



Fostering - It's simple! You go on about life as if the dog is a member of your family. You provide a safe and loving environment to help them prepare for their new life with a new family! We cover all vet care, food, etc costs. 


Donations - You can make a donation through paypal to pawsupnebraska@gmail.com


Will you be an important part in saving a dog's life?!!! Contact us ASAP!!