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This weeks Blog will be educational, as well as a conversation starter.

(I hope!)



Why is it IMPORTANT, and what

does it entail??

Some of you may or may not know.  Paws Up of Nebraska is run purely on a volunteer basis.  We have no employees or facility.  Everything we do is out of our own homes, and in our free time.  We as a group, prefer to not board or kennel the pups we take in unless in an emergency situation.  Just imagine losing the only family(good or bad) you have ever known, being abandoned, or put in a cage surrounded by a bunch of strange dogs and noises, wouldn't you be scared, confused and unstable?  Sure, you are SAFE, but you don't know for how long or what your future holds. This is the main reason we enlist foster families.  The sooner we can get a pup in a safe loving environment, the sooner they can recover, and can become an amazing family member or friend.

We try our hardest to have a foster home set up before we accept a pup into Paws Up, which is sometimes a heartbreaking task, due to the limited number of people willing to foster.  We sometimes have to turn away the pup. This does not mean we throw our hands up and walk away. We contact other rescues, we crosspost. 

In the case of a good home that has hit hard times, we do everything in our power to keep the family together.

What does it entail to be a FOSTER FAMILY, you ask? First you fill out a Foster application and send it to us.  We look over the application, and check the references. We then contact you and set up a home check  A home check is basically to ensure the home is ready for a dog to live in safely.  Then you pick out one of the the dogs we have needing a foster home. We then do a meet and greet.  This is to make sure that every family member and the dog to be fostered are a good match.

If everyone agrees to the Fostering, let the fun begin!  Paws Up will supply you with a portable kennel, dog food and treats for as long as you foster.  A leash and collar, and all medical is paid for by Paws up(within specific guidelines). The only thing you need to supply is a loving happy home, attention, and security.  You treat the furry foster as your own pup, without the expenses minus the gifts you want to shower your foster friend with.

Rod Johnson



Jack aka Capt Jack. Jack through no fault of his own is no stranger to rescue. This is his second time in the world of rescue.

Two and half years ago, Jack was removed from a hoarding situation, by Hope training and rescue( this is the rescue Traci and I came from also).  Jack was
placed in an amazing FOSTER home. Where he learned what a dogs life should be, and he excelled.  After a few months of training, love, and hard work he found himself an adoptive home.  Jack’s story was set to have a happy ending. Then as it sometimes happen things came up, and Jack was getting forgot and started to act out as everyone does.  Jacks adoptive family could no longer give Jack what he needed, so they did the right thing and contacted Paws Up for help.  After a few months of looking for a suitable FOSTER, one of our excellent FOSTER
families stepped up to help.  They currently have one dog of their own, Snickers one of Paws Up other Fosters, and Jack.  Jack Is getting back to happy fun loving guy he was, as always all it takes is some TLC and a sense of purpose to bounce back.

Jack would love to have a FOSTER or adoptive home to call his own again, so he gets move of the stuff he needs.




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