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regarding the ever growing pet population problem.


January 24, 2016  •  1 Comment


In a recent study conducted by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP) and published in the July issue of the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science (JAAWS), researchers went into 12 selected animal shelters in the United States for one year to find out why.
The results of the study show that the top seven reasons for relinquishment for both dogs and cats are the same. “These commonalities suggest that there may be similar ways to address relinquishment in dogs and cats,” says Pam Burney, NCPPSP president. “For people who work in a shelter all day, there isn’t always time to look at these issues. We have impressions of what’s happening, but now we have objective data that will help us develop specific programs to address the issues that have been identified.”
Top 10 Reasons for Relinquishment*
1. Moving (7%)
2. Landlord not allowing pet (6%)
3. Too many animals in household (4%)
4. Cost of pet maintenance (5%)
5. Owner having personal problems (4%)
6. Inadequate facilities (4%)
7. No homes available for litter mates (3%)
8. Having no time for pet (4%)
9. Pet illness(es) (4%)
10. Biting (3%)
1. Moving (8%)
2. Landlord not allowing pet (6%)
3. Too many animals in household (11%)
4. Cost of pet maintenance (6%)
5. Owner having personal problems (4%)
6. Inadequate facilities (2%)
7. No homes available for litter mates (6%)
8. Allergies in family (8%)
9. House soiling (5%)
10. Incompatibility with other pets (2%)
Specially trained researchers completed confidential individual interviews with pet owners who were relinquishing their dogs or cats to animal shelters. Pet owners were allowed to give up to five reasons for relinquishment. Interviewers did not, however, prioritize the responses. They simply recorded them in the order stated.
Characteristics of Pets Being RelinquishedIn addition to the reasons for relinquishment, the study collected data on the pets being relinquished. According to the study:
The majority of the surrendered dogs (47.7%) and cats (40.3%) were between 5 months and 3 years of age.

The majority of dogs (37.1%) and cats (30.2) had been owned from 7 months to 1 year.
Approximately half of the pets (42.8% of dogs; 50.8% of cats) surrendered were not neutered. Many of the pets relinquished (33% of dogs; 46.9% of cats) had not been to a veterinarian.
Animals acquired from friends were relinquished in higher numbers (31.4% of dogs; 33.2% of cats) than from any other source.
Close to equal numbers of male and female dogs and cats were surrendered.
Most dogs (96%) had not received any obedience training.
Characteristics of Pet Owners Surrendering PetsDuring the confidential interviews, researchers also gathered data on the people surrendering the pets. “Owners represented a broad range of age, ethnicity, education, and income level, indicating continued efforts will need to reach wide and far into communities across the country,” say Dr. Mo Salman, the article’s senior author.
The NCPPSP Regional Shelter Survey was designed, implemented, and analyzed by six members of the NCPPSP Scientific Advisory Committee. Regional investigators were encouraged to select shelters that were likely to be representative of those in their locations. The selection was also based on a shelter’s ability to dedicate time and resources to the project.
The publication of this article represents the first such scientific and public release of relinquishment data from the NCPPSP’s ongoing research into pet population issues. “The council has undertaken several important studies to better understand the issue of unwanted companion animals. This problem cannot be solved unless we truly understand it,” says Burney. “Without this new data, individuals and organizations can have a clear idea of how to approach these issues most effectively.”
As with all research, there are limitations. According to the authors, “the study was designed to describe the animals submitted to shelters. Thus, this set of data has no comparison data from the general pet-owning population. Many factors undoubtedly influence relinquishment, and some critical factors may have been omitted. This study represents a beginning of systematic data collection to examine this complex problem. The study is not designed to deal with animals other than those entering shelters, and influences cannot be drawn beyond this population.”
The NCPPSP is a coalition of:American Animal Hospital AssociationAmerican Humane AssociationAmerican Kennel ClubAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsAmerican Veterinary Medical AssociationAssociation of Teachers of Veterinary Public Health and Preventative MedicineCat Fanciers AssociationThe Humane Society of the United StatesMassachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsNational Animal Control AssociationSociety of Animal Welfare Administrators
* NOTE: The percentages following the dog and cat information in this section were not a part of the original press release and have been added. The figures come from an article by Dr. M. D. Salman, Dr. John G. New, Jr., et al., in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 1(3), 207- 226. The name of the article is, “Human and Animal Factors Related to the Relinquishment of

Dogs and Cats in 12 Selected Animal Shelters in the United States.” The percentages do not add up to 100% because they represent only the top ten reasons given by owners for relinquishment of animals to shelters.
Retrieved from: https://www.petfinder.com/pet-adoption/dog-adoption/pets-relinquished-shelters/

Paws Up NE receives FB messages, e-mails and calls daily.  As an all-volunteer rescue dedicated to helping dogs and people in need, we never want to turn away a request for aid.  However, without volunteer and fiscal support, we are limited by foster space and funds to provide the appropriate vet care and any other specialized care the dogs brought into our program might require to become healthy, happy family members.  Most dogs released to rescue are surrendered for a reason. As noted above, they may have never had the opportunity to have been properly socialized, or they might not have received appropriate training.  They may have a treatable medical condition, but the former owner did not have the funds to access the necessary care.  We are committed to providing the fur kids in our care with whatever care they need but, it takes a village!

Everyone can play a part in helping an animal have a happily ever after!  If you can’t foster, volunteer.  If you can’t volunteer, donate.  If you can’t donate, share our FB posts.  If you don’t “do” FB, tell your friends and family about our work.  Help us not have to say “sorry, we are full” when those calls and e-mails come in…. January and February are two of the worst months as we are inundated with requests as people realize the fabulous “Christmas puppy” gift idea wasn’t such a great idea after all…as the ten seconds of cute pictures around the tree end, and daily life begins with potty training around the clock, chewing, and all of the other normal baby behaviors, as fantasy doesn’t match reality, guess who pays the price? 


True Value Microchip Clinic/Meet & Greet

July 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

True Value Microchip Clinic / Meet & Greet

I apologize for my lack of Blogs lately, as with everyone, summertime is always busy.

Paws Up of Nebraska changed up the program a bit, and it was a Huge success!

On July 18, the fine folks of True Value Hardware on 27th and Hwy 2,  invited Paws Up
and some of our adoptable pups to take over the store during a busy Saturday.  We
brought Sapphire, Gus, Iris, MayZ, Husker, and of course Jake.

The Paws Up pups were strategically placed in their own sections of the store, making sure they were seen and of course loved on. The 6 Paws Up furry representatives did an amazing job, showing what well cared for dogs do.

During the Meet and Greet, the two legged Paws Up Crew did what we do best, talking
about rescue and the importance of microchipping your fuzzy family members.

Twenty seven dogs were microchipped, from a 12 week old Yorkie to a very full grown         ST. Bernard.  We also trimmed the nails of 15 dogs, which is a lot of nails!

It was a great time and we are planning on going back there real soon, so watch our event calendar for upcoming clinics.


TSC Clinic/Pet Of The Week

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TSC Clinic

That's right!  Paws Up is a  Microchipping machine!!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA May 30th we took over the TSC    in north Lincoln. We microchipped 16 pups and 3 kitties.

That means these wonderful family pets are that much safer. Now if they wander away from their family, they can be taken to any vet or animal shelter, and be scanned for a microchip.

There is no charge to anyone to get the chip scanned. The info on the Petlink microchip will get them back to their families safe and sound.


If you missed this opportunity to get your furry friend chipped, do not fret! 

Paws Up will be at Wine and Howl June 6th.   This event will be held at:

Deep Springs Winery    162nd & Adams    Lincoln


 Visit our 'Microchip Clinic" page for more information on this event

and other upcoming  clinics in your area. 

It’s been a very busy weekend for Paws Up of Nebraska, so I will keep this
blog short.

I would like to Thank all of you that support, and follow us in our adventure.
Without everyones help we could not do what we do!

Thank You All!


Paws Up Pup of the Week-Sapphire



Please forgive me, I don’t know a whole lot about Miss Sapphire.  Last Saturday was the first time I met this sweet loving girl.  I do know despite her name she is not a
dancer of any sort.  She is a however, a fun loving, goofy, energetic, and a cuddly Pup.

Sapphire is between 1-2 years old.  She hasn't had much in the way of training, but she is more than happy to listen and learn.  Her foster mom is doing a lot of work with her to get basic
commands down. She will start working on the fun training soon!

Sapphire is ready for her forever home now, but she will need patience and love to get all of her GREATNESS out!!





Adoption/Pet Of The Week

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This is the HAPPIEST and SADDEST day for us at Paws Up of Nebraska.  Every PUP
we take in, or help, becomes a part of our family.  From the first contact of a Pup
needing our assistance, till the adoption day and after, we are commited .


Its a huge responsibility, taking in a lost soul and promising them a happy life.  Some of
our foster pups may only be a Paws Up pup for a few hours, before someone wants to
adopt, others can spend years in foster homes.

Before any of our pups get adopted, we make sure they are physically and mentally ready for their new life.  We also make sure their new family is committed, and ready for the new addition.  Paws Up does a home check, a meet & greet (this is where the adopters and adoptees meet) to see if everyone likes each other, reference check, and we get to know the adoptees, all before we adopt a pup. Only then, do we start the two week foster to adopt process.  This is another way to make sure the new pup and family get along.  At the end of the two week trial run the family can say yes to their new family member with full confidence. The end Goal at Paws Up of Nebraska is to make sure this PUP and family will be happy together forever.


Happiest day?

We have saved a life. That otherwise would’ve gotten lost in the shuffle, and completed a FAMILY.

Saddest day?

One of our family members has moved on, but don't worry we will always make sure we are available to help if needed.  Paws Up may no longer be a major role in the adopted pups life, but we stand by the commitment we have made to the PUP and family.



Paws Up Pup of the Week
Take Two

Kiara- an update with good news!  Kiara had an appointment to get her first ACL surgery
done May 18th.  The doctor said that since Kiara has lost so much extra weight, she no
longer needs the surgery on either leg!  Her hips are still bothering her, but we were told
if she loses 10 more pounds (and keeps the weight off), that will also no longer be an
issue for her.

Kiara’s foster mom has done an outstanding job with her, and feels Kiara is ready to take the next step!!  ADOPTION!!

This sweet, loving lady is ready for her forever home. SO DON’T WAIT!! ACT NOW!! Once the word gets out Kiara is healthy and happy, it won't take long for her to find a spot on someone's couch.


Fit Canine Microchip Clinic/ Go Tank!

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The Fit Canine Microchip Clinic

The Fit Canine Microchip Clinic was a great fit for Paws Up of Nebraska, and also for everyone that showed up.  We microchipped 31 dogs of all shapes and sizes and also chipped 5 cats. Plus Mari almost chipped herself!  We had all 5 board members in attendance, plus Beverly our photographer(and marketing whiz)and volunteer.

We were all moving and shaking to keep up. The event started at 11am and by 12:30 we had already microchipped 20 fuzzy family members, and then the pace evened out until we shut down at 3pm. The response to this event was amazing, we are so pleased by how many people are willing to take the extra step to keep their pets safe.

We would like to thank Susan Border for inviting us to use The Fit Canine to hold this event.  The event went so well, we were invited to do it again this fall!

  Don't forget, we will hold another microchip clinic June 6th at Wine and Howl.  If you were unable to make it out today we will see you there!  Follow our website, and Facebook page for more upcoming clinics!



Announcement of the Week!

I know, I know, I'm breaking away from the norm.  Usually this space is for the PUP of the
week.  Well….. This is huge but bittersweet NEWS. 

Tank will be going to his foster to adopt home May 17th!  He has made major leaps and bounds in his training, and re-dogging.  Tanks Army feels he is ready for this step.  He will get some continued training in his new home, until he gets settled in and comfortable.  He won't be living too far from us, so we included visitation privileges into his contract(ha ha). 

Hopefully this will be a fantastic fit for all, and we will get constant updates on Tank.

Although he will be missed, he deserves a happy story.

  We wish him the best of luck in his new




Networking/Pet Of The Week

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Networking is another GREAT way to help the Paws Up PUPS.  Once in awhile you will see on our Facebook page, us asking for more people to like our page.  Well, for the
most part, this is not our way of begging for attention!!  The way we see it, the more people who like our page, the more people will know about us and the pups we work so hard
to help.  In turn the people who like our page will share the stories of our furry friends with everyone they know.

I'm sure everyone who follows our Facebook page have seen us asking for help with dogs that aren't in our rescue.  This is our way of networking, because honestly we do not have the space or funds to take in every needy Pup we get notified of . We of course can't turn our back on them, so we crosspost for the family, shelter, or other rescue.  Hopefully by doing this we can find that one person that can help out the Pup.  By doing this we have helped save more Pups than we could have taken in.   Everyone wins!

You may not have the space at home to take in one of the Paws Up Pups.  By networking and sharing their stories, one of your friends, family, coworkers, or an innocent bystander might hear or read the story, and say to themselves "That pup sounds just like what I need!"  BOOM you have just rescued a PUP,by just having a conversation!!!  




The Paws Up Pup of The Week
Lady (aka Ladybug)

Lady is just that!! She is a 12-14 year old pit bull mix.  One of the sweetest most gentle girls you could ever meet. 

Lady has had a good life most of the time. Although she carries the scars of a rough era or two, and is not always keen on meeting new furry friends at first unless it's a cat.  Lady will steal your heart, couch, and blanket.  She will snuggle you like no other.  She does not act her age, she is still very spry and bouncy. She does have some physical limitations, her hind legs are arthritic so long walks and fetch are not a good thing.  She will put every effort into playing hard, but it doesn't last very long.  Lady has the onset of cataracts, so sight hunting is not her thing either.  Cuddling is what she is all about, she will lay next to you for hours on end.


Volunteer-Pet Of The Week

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I bet you are thinking to yourself...  Self, Paws Up of Nebraska is such a GREAT
organization, and I would like to help them but how??


  I can't have a dog at my apartment/home, or my family is not ready for a pet .

Another great option, but i don't get to be with all these amazing dogs, plus money is tight right now can't afford it.  HMMMMM?? What to do….

I’ve Got It, I Can Volunteer!!

That’s correct!!  Volunteering does not cost anything but some free time.

  Paws Up can always use a little extra help. Either directing pet owners at a Microchip Clinic, showing off one of our Great foster dogs at a meet & greet event, taking a foster dog for a walk every now and then, or the ABSOLUTE BEST thing, helping load or unload pet food for our food pantry!  The list goes on and on!!

You get the choice of what kind of help and how much time you can spare.  Now you are wondering how do I get started?   First you could call, email, PM us on FB,or email us a volunteer form.  Then watch our Facebook page for events or calls for HELP, or look at the Website for upcoming events that you would like to help with. Just contact us and we will fill you in on the details.

  Sooo Simple and Fun!

  How could you go wrong spending time with the Paws Up Family!!



Paws Up Pup of The Week
Kiara (aka KIKI by her foster mom)


Kiara is a 4 year old pit bull mix, we think she is part bulldog(originally potbelly pig mix).  Kiara is a sweet little girl with lots of love and hugs to give.  Her original owner lost to his home due to  some difficulties.  He did his best to keep her, by going to friends homes and staying with them for as long as they could.  When he decided he could no longer keep uprooting Kiara, he asked a friend to hold onto her until he got things straightened out.  After two years of not having contact with him, the friend contacted Paws Up for help.  Due to medical issues Kiara was having, he could not afford to keep her. 

When we took in Kiara she weighed close to 80 lbs, and had two torn ACL’s.   She was mobile but not for long periods of time. Paws Up gladly took this cat loving cuddler in.  We took on the responsibility of get her health issues fixed, before she is adopted. The surgeries have not been done yet, due to the Kiara needed to lose a few pounds, and we had to get money donated to help pay her medical bills.   Kiaras foster mom put her on a strict diet and light exercise program, and she has lost a lot of weight and pain.  Kiara now weighs 55 pounds and is very happy and acts like a 4 year old pup should, with some limitations.


Norfolk Microchip Clinic/ Paws Up Pet Of The Week

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The Norfolk Microchip Clinic
We had a very successful microchip clinic in Norfolk. We microchipped 33
dogs ranging from a Mastiff all the way to Yorkies. We also microchipped
three cats. It was a long day and drive, but worth every minute of it,
knowing now that if any of these pets get lost or stray, they can be returned
back to their happy homes.

While in Norfolk, met Grace a young female Pit bull that was shot in the neck, the stomach, and the rear hip and left to die in a field.  Thankfully someone found her before it was too late, and took her to the local vet clinic.  They reached out to a Fur babies rescue in Norfolk, who with the help of social media reached out to Paws Up, and many great supporters. Thanks to the amazing people, that stepped up in the beginning of this story, instead of turning their back on this sweet girl.  Grace was saved and now other than three horrible scars, she is happy,
healthy, and loves everyone she meets.  She is truly an inspiration, and is still alive for a purpose.

I'm so amazed every time I hear stories like this, and the things rescued animals have been through, and to see how quickly they forgive and thrive in a good home.

                                                                                                                                                                          Rod Johnson




The Paws Up pup of the week GUS

I unfortunately do not know a lot about Gus.  I met him for the first time last weekend, and did a meet and greet and a photo shoot.

Gus is a very laid back happy guy. He met a 1 year old shepherd mix that is all bouncy , with new people around in an unfamiliar setting.  Other than a little nervousness and insecurity at
first, he took the whole event in stride.

After about 20 minutes of everyone settling in, him and his best buddy played like old friends until the younger pup had to go home.  I was really impressed by how he was able to relax and let anyone direct him and handle him with no objection.  Gus would do well in any setting.


Jamberry/Tank Meet & Greet

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Tanks Jamberry Fundraiser gone wrong!!

We got all set up at a local grocery stores cafe, and the management comes and ask us what
we were doing.  Some how, somewhere, wires got crossed.  They had no idea or space
for us to be there.  In true Paws Up form we took a negative and turned it into a pawsitive.
Beverly as always stepped in and offered her studio up to hold our Jamberry/ Tank open house
fundraiser.  We scrambled to change the venue on the internet,  gathered our stuff and headed to
the studio.  When we got there,  planning on the event to be a complete bust, Traci came up with
the idea to go pick up Tank, so he could enjoy his party at least.  I drove out and picked Tank
up.  By the time we got back, the event was set up.  Signs were hung, we were ready!

I let Tank off his leash to run freely around the studio.  He ran up greeted Traci with a huge hug and kiss, then he ran over to Beverly and cuddled up to her, and Sarah was the next to get Tanks attention.
We sat there for a few minutes chatting amongst ourselves, and of course petting, treating, and
giving Tank Attention.  Suddenly the studio door opens up, and in come the people!  Tank slowly
walks to the gate across the stairs to welcome them in and the party starts.  Tank quickly
cuddles up to them,  shows them where his treats are, and introduces them to Sara the
Jamberry lady such a good host he is.  Then more people came either to meet Tank or get their
Jamberry on or both.  Tank greeted everyone with a smile or a tail wag.

The crew from Star the NY city pit bull, shot by police, stopped by, to meet Tank and fell head over heels for him.  Then the Have a Nice Dia camp stopped by to meet him. Tank was playing the part of a gracious host to a T!

All in all about 20 or so people stopped by.  Not all of the folks were Tank supporters when
they got there, but make no mistake by the time they left they definitely were.  As each person
left, Tank would walk them to the gate to make sure they safely got to the front door.  As soon
as the door shut he would run to the windows to say his goodbyes.

By the end of his big day Tank was full of treats and worn out.  He was very happy for the support.

We are thinking that this event, although semi unplanned, went so well we might do another open housemeet and greet event soon.



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This weeks Blog will be educational, as well as a conversation starter.

(I hope!)



Why is it IMPORTANT, and what

does it entail??

Some of you may or may not know.  Paws Up of Nebraska is run purely on a volunteer basis.  We have no employees or facility.  Everything we do is out of our own homes, and in our free time.  We as a group, prefer to not board or kennel the pups we take in unless in an emergency situation.  Just imagine losing the only family(good or bad) you have ever known, being abandoned, or put in a cage surrounded by a bunch of strange dogs and noises, wouldn't you be scared, confused and unstable?  Sure, you are SAFE, but you don't know for how long or what your future holds. This is the main reason we enlist foster families.  The sooner we can get a pup in a safe loving environment, the sooner they can recover, and can become an amazing family member or friend.

We try our hardest to have a foster home set up before we accept a pup into Paws Up, which is sometimes a heartbreaking task, due to the limited number of people willing to foster.  We sometimes have to turn away the pup. This does not mean we throw our hands up and walk away. We contact other rescues, we crosspost. 

In the case of a good home that has hit hard times, we do everything in our power to keep the family together.

What does it entail to be a FOSTER FAMILY, you ask? First you fill out a Foster application and send it to us.  We look over the application, and check the references. We then contact you and set up a home check  A home check is basically to ensure the home is ready for a dog to live in safely.  Then you pick out one of the the dogs we have needing a foster home. We then do a meet and greet.  This is to make sure that every family member and the dog to be fostered are a good match.

If everyone agrees to the Fostering, let the fun begin!  Paws Up will supply you with a portable kennel, dog food and treats for as long as you foster.  A leash and collar, and all medical is paid for by Paws up(within specific guidelines). The only thing you need to supply is a loving happy home, attention, and security.  You treat the furry foster as your own pup, without the expenses minus the gifts you want to shower your foster friend with.

Rod Johnson



Jack aka Capt Jack. Jack through no fault of his own is no stranger to rescue. This is his second time in the world of rescue.

Two and half years ago, Jack was removed from a hoarding situation, by Hope training and rescue( this is the rescue Traci and I came from also).  Jack was
placed in an amazing FOSTER home. Where he learned what a dogs life should be, and he excelled.  After a few months of training, love, and hard work he found himself an adoptive home.  Jack’s story was set to have a happy ending. Then as it sometimes happen things came up, and Jack was getting forgot and started to act out as everyone does.  Jacks adoptive family could no longer give Jack what he needed, so they did the right thing and contacted Paws Up for help.  After a few months of looking for a suitable FOSTER, one of our excellent FOSTER
families stepped up to help.  They currently have one dog of their own, Snickers one of Paws Up other Fosters, and Jack.  Jack Is getting back to happy fun loving guy he was, as always all it takes is some TLC and a sense of purpose to bounce back.

Jack would love to have a FOSTER or adoptive home to call his own again, so he gets move of the stuff he needs.



Rod's Ramblings and Snickers

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Testing Testing 1  2  3…...Is this thing on??

Ok, the Paws Up Blog has been up and running for a week, and we have not a lot of response.  You guys don’t want me rattling around in my own mind, its scary in there.  What would you like to see on the Blog? Would you like?  Educational, Current Events, Aimless rambling, or what makes Paws Up tick( unintentional pun).  This Blog is for you guys to get what you want.

I know we have been spending a lot of time talking about Tank’s story.  He is just one of the dogs we have, that we are working on finding a suitable home.  Tank is in the most need of a foster home right now so he has taken a lot of our focus.

I will do a dog of the week.  This week I will do a little run down on Snickers.  Snickers is a 1-2 year old chocolate lab mix, he is in need of a foster home. Snickers is in a foster home right now.  The foster family he is with, is one of our long time foster homes.  He came from a shelter that was running out of room for him, so we gladly took him in before THE WORST CASE happened.

Like most of the the dogs we take in, we don't have a lot of history on Snickers.  From what we can tell by his behavior, he did not get a lot of training or attention.  He was a puppy in adult dog body, so he went to the foster home who had the most time to spend and work with him.  The foster home is in,  loves to take the raw material dogs and they always turn them around and make them GREAT companion/family pets . He has made major improvements in this environment.  Snickers is now looking for a home he can settle into and keep improving. Snickers current foster has recently agreed to take Jack into their home to work with him, so right now they have Snickers, Jack, and the best four legged teacher ever, Jasmine. They love Snickers but he is at the point he is ready to move to his next stage.
He still needs attention and training, but he has the basics down and is ready willing and able to learn more.


Rod Johnson

Tank Shakin It Up!

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During Tank's daily walk today, he did something really AMAZING!! His handler asked him to shake and he did! Then later on in the walk, she asked again and he did it again. She then asked to shake with the other hand and he did that too!!! What an amazingly sweet loving boy we have on our hands! Wouldn't you like to be part of this wonderful kid!! We desperately need a foster for him. We will do the work with him everyday, you just provide him the couch to lay on and the love he so desperately seeks! Please contact us at pawsupnebraska@gmail.com or call/text Traci at 402-230-0929


Tanks Good News!

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Happy News

So, we have something to let everyone know regarding Mr Tank. If you have been following this sweet guy, you probably know he was labeled potentially dangerous....
We appealed that and had the hearing on Wednesday.
Please sit down for this next sentence!

He will still need his training and requirements that we have put on him but now he gets to learn and be a normal little boy! How stinkin awesome is that?!!!!!  We spend everyday working with him. He is a VERY amazing boy and whoever ends up being his furever family will be forever blessed.

My heart aches with happiness for this boy. He just needs some help in life, but don't we all! I wish the world could meet him. He is AMAZING!
I love you Tanky Tank!

                                                                             Traci Cooney



We are still needing a Foster. In the mean time we are needing help covering the cost of boarding. It is stacking up fast! If you would like to help----click the button!


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Welcome to the NEW and very much IMPROVED, Paws Up of Nebraska Website.  This has taken almost two and a half years to get perfect.  Thanks to the many late nights and countless hours, Beverly has created this site for all to enjoy.  What a fitting day for the blog to start, April 1st!!  This seems like it was planned?


I just got home from taking our buddy Tank for his nightly walk.  Tank is looking for a foster or adoptive home.  Right now he is being boarded, due to the fact he has no home to go to.  Tank has a whole army of people, training and walking him on a twice daily basis. 

We are not sure about Tanks life before rescue, but we guess he as had very little socialization with people and dogs.  He is a sweet, loving, and misunderstood guy.  Tanks army, as we call ourselves, are giving him lots of quality people time, and will slowly start to introduce him to other dogs.  Tank is learning quickly how to relax and just be a dog, he is enjoying every second of his time learning.




The Blog will get better, tonight is the boring and informative start.  We are just building the anticipation.  Once we get past the awkward shy stage you won't be able to wait to read it!!  REALLY I"M SERIOUS HERE!


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