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Adoption Information

The Adoption Day is the HAPPIEST and SADDEST day for us at Paws Up of Nebraska.  Every PUP we take in, or help, becomes a part of our family.  From the first contact of a Pup needing our assistance, till the adoption day and after, we are committed .

Its a huge responsibility, taking in a lost soul and promising them a happy life. 

Some of our foster pups may only be a Paws Up pup for a few hours, before someone wants to adopt, others can spend years in foster homes.

Before any of our pups get adopted, we make sure they are physically and mentally ready for their new life.  We also make sure their new family is committed, and ready for the new addition. 

Paws Up does a home check, a meet & greet (this is where the adopters and adoptees meet) to see if everyone likes each other, reference check, and we get to know the adoptees, all before we adopt a pup. Only then, do we start the two week foster to adopt process.  This is another way to make sure the new pup and family get along.  At the end of the two week trial run the family can say yes to their new family member with full confidence.

The end Goal at Paws Up of Nebraska is to make sure this PUP and family will be happy together forever.

Happiest day?

We have saved a life. That otherwise would’ve gotten lost in the shuffle, and completed a FAMILY.

Saddest day?

One of our family members has moved on, but don't worry we will always make sure we are available to help if needed.  Paws Up may no longer be a major role in the adopted pups life, but we stand by the commitment we have made to the PUP and family.


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