About Microchips



Microchips provide an important level of protection in case your pet gets lost and loses his collar and tags.  Our PAWS UP Microchip Clinic uses the Pet Link identification system which provides your pet with a unique identification number that is permanently stored under your pet's skin, where it cannot be removed, become lost, altered, worn and unreadable like an external tag. Once your pet receives a Pet Link microchip, the unique ID number is entered into their national database, which is linked to your pet's medical record and is accessible at all times on the Pet Link website.


Microchips are permanent identification devices that increase the chance of lost pets being reunited with their families. These rice-sized objects are implanted with a syringe into the loose skin by the shoulder blades. When a scanner is passed over the area, it reads the chip via ultrasound and displays a unique identification number. This number is registered by the pet's owner with the owner's contact information. Microchips are used to identify pets worldwide. Veterinary hospitals, animal shelters and rescue groups routinely scan all lost animals to attempt reunification with their families.