Foster Information

Thank you for considering fostering a PAWS UP rescue dog.  PAWS UP will provide all veterinary care and possibly food if donations are available.  You will provide training, exercise and a loving, safe home environment.


Please be patient with your foster rescue dog(s).  Many have come from situations where they have never received exercise, discipline, comfort and/or love from people.  While they crave love and comfort, they may not know how to go about getting it.  They must learn from you and your family.  All dogs deserve a second chance at life.


Foster Parent Responsibilities:

Provide exercise, discipline, food and love.

*Socialized the dog with as many people, dogs and situations as possible.

*Observe and document how the dog acts in all kinds of situations, and with different people and animals.

*Notify PAWS UP of any concerns about health or behavior immediately.  (Within 12 hours of you noticing anything).

*Notify PAWS UP if the dog gets loose or runs away immediately.  (Within 30 minutes of escape).


The foster parent will have the first chance at adopting the dog if it is a good match with your home.

PAWS UP is responsible for finding a home for the dog.  We do, however, appreciate all help you can give to us to find a furever home.


Please go to our "CONTACT US" page.

  Email us asking for your Foster Application.

We look forward to hearing from you!