Board Members


Kathy Streka Kathy Streka- President
I have always loved animals since I was a small child. I can't remember not having a dog in my life.
I started in a rescue group in 1996. Then in 2013, I wanted to start a new no kill rescue where I could do more hands on rescues and save as many lives as possible.
I joined Mari and Rod and we formed a board, to which Paws Up of Nebraska was created. I have two dogs at present. Poppy is an English Lab. Rylie is a shar-pei/lab mix. He was a rescue whom I adopted.

Mari Flanagan- Treasurer


I have always had a love for animals from an early age. When I would find an animal, I always wanted to take it home or try to find out who it belonged to. My mom didn't like it much especially when I used her picnic basket for a raccoon that I found!
In my 20's, I rescued a dog from someone who had abused it. I took it on my paper route and eventually found it a home. After I house broke him for her of course. That dog lived to be 14 years old. This led to many more dogs being rescued by myself.
I started helping another Lady with rescue. Which I did for 2 years. Then another group asked me to help them. I really enjoyed doing rescue work with the previous Lady and the other Rescue. When that rescue shut down, I was lucky enough to be asked to join in creating a new rescue. With Kathy and Rod, we joined forces which then became Paws UP of Nebraska. They are a wonderful group of people to work with. They really care about the animals. We have some really awesome volunteers too. We couldn't do rescue without each other. And help from the public.
Traci Cooney - Vice President
Karen Curtis - Secretary